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Love hotel cleaning lady recounts memorable moments

Shukan Josei Sept. 12
Shukan Josei Sept. 12
“Once in a room I found an A4 size notebook left behind by a customer. It contained a written exchange between a man and a deaf women. First they introduced themselves. She wrote that she was working as an instructor for a school for the deaf, divorced, with one child.

“The two had apparently met via an ‘encounter site’ online.”

A woman using the pseudonym Kana Kogure, a 10-year veteran as a maid in a love hotel, relates the above as one of her more memorable experiences in Shukan Josei (Sep. 25).

In the case of the deaf woman, the written exchange was described as mature and well composed. It was also clear that both parties were lonely and hungry for companionship.

“At the bottom of the first page, the man’s last entry ends in mid-sentence,” she recalls. “It gets as far as ‘I don’t think we need any further conversation…'”

A polar opposite to the silent written exchanges described above was the couple who were so noisy their moans and cries could be heard down the corridor. Members of the cleaning crew worried a crime was in progress. They discussed the situation and Kogure worked up her courage to knock on the door to ascertain that everything was all right.

“We had one regular patron who was extremely vocal, and we nicknamed her the ‘Amazoness,'” Kogure relates. “I took it for granted that it was natural for men to be horny, but now I realize that there are women who, when in situations where they feel they can let go, really go wild.”

How wild? Well the worst occurred several times a year when a room reeked with a powerful odor caused by someone who had released his (or her) bowels, no doubt as the prelude to some sort of scatological orgy.

“Used condoms had been flung against the walls, where they stuck,” she adds in disgust.

Another common occurrence is the leaving behind of valuable items in rooms, which often go unclaimed. “We find new dresses or lingerie items, still in their unopened store packaging,” Kogure says.

And once, under the bed, she spread out two-sided tape to snare a live hamster that had been left behind by a female customer.

“I carefully unstuck his feet from the tape using olive oil and then washed him off. It was nice to return him safely to his owner,” she smiles.

Source: “Rabu hoteru no shigoto ura,” Shukan Josei (Sep. 25, page 164)