Woman’s foreign ‘sefure’ really hit the G-spot

Sanae Kameyama
Sanae Kameyama, who authored “Marriage and Sex” in 2006, speaks with a woman who found rejuvenation through a Canadian boyfriend

“Five years ago, a Canadian student I ran into in a bar district came on to me,” says Asako, a 45-year-old woman who works at a corporate management job. “Communicating in my broken English and his broken Japanese, he told me, ‘You’re the nicest gal I’ve ever met.’ His house was near by, and he took me there.”

Up to that point, Asako had never cheated on her husband. But she had various concerns, and was looking for a diversion.

“I was ready to try something drastic,” she tells author Sanae Kameyama in Nikkan Gendai (Nov. 14). “I’d just turned 40 and had lost my self-confidence as a female. I hadn’t had sex with my hubby for a long time, and my body was tingling like crazy.

“By having sex with him, my whole outlook on life changed. After an hour of foreplay, I felt like my body was reduced to jelly. When his big thing went inside me, I felt giddy.”

Asako and her Canadian beau maintained a relationship for two years, until he returned home.

“When he left, he introduced me to another friend, and I began going with him,” she said. “When I feel like doing it, I have no choice but to contact him.”

Kameyama writes that more married women like Asako have been seeking a sefure (sex friend) outside their marriage.

“I don’t want my family to break up, but I’m the type who likes sex and enjoys a man’s company, especially one who’s discreet,” she says. “The foreigners will leave someday, and they know how to treat women. After they’re gone we can still be friends. I couldn’t wish for anything better.”

Asako is currently mulling new prospects — a 30-year-old American student and a French businessman about her own age. It’s hard to say which one is better.

“Now I’ve sorted things out so that my brain is devoted to my job, my heart to my family and my body to my sex friends,” she tells Kameyama. “My kids have made it through adolescence and I think things are going to be even more enjoyable from now. I’ll stick with my husband and we’ll grow old together.”

The way Asako sees it, you only live once, so you might as well enjoy it.

Source: “Izure kikoku suru gaikokujin wa saiko no aite,” Nikkan Gendai, (Nov. 14, page 14)

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  1. i can say one thing who ever this women is she will have to suffer with the guilt ,
    now may be lot of pleasure but as soon as her beauty is gone by time to come then she will realize her mistakes, i am very sorry for her///

  2. I have seen this type before. They all ended destroying themselves and their family relationship. In the end, they will live from one man to another.

  3. How many articles and books do we need that paint Japanese women as adulterous nymphomaniacs? Get over it already. Don’t you know any Japanese woman who are doing interesting things with their lives? How about trying to be a bit more creative with the subject of Japanese women, instead of pandering with this same old male-fantasy soap-opera rubbish?

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