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Soaring summer temperatures raise fears of a profusion of perversions

Nikkan Gendai Aug. 7
Nikkan Gendai Aug. 7
There’s flaky and then there’s outright weird. The Nagoya police ought to know, reports Nikkan Gendai (Aug. 7). A 33-year-old salaryman assaulted a woman on an escalator in an heretofore unheard-of manner.

According to police, while exiting the Meitetsu railway station in August last year, the perpetrator had thrust his hand up a 39-year-old woman’s skirt and dashed the contents of a small plastic case containing his own semen onto the woman’s underwear.

“The police eventually spotted the man based on the victim’s description, and were astounded to find at the time of arrest he had a plastic case brimming with jism in his possession,” says a police source.

The man afterward admitted to investigators he had committed similar assaults “about 30 times.” His motive? “To satisfy my sexual urges.”

“He was an nerdy otaku type and apparently spilling his seed via the container was enough to keep him sexually satisfied,” the police source says.

In Tokyo, meanwhile, a 21-year-old male resident of Ota Ward was recently arrested on suspicion of ripping off a women’s spats. Not from a clothesline, but from the wearer’s body. Late one night last May in Machida City he had pounced upon a female university student, pushed her to the ground, straddled her, yanked off her spats and fled.

After his capture, the man admitted to police, “I only wanted the spats. I didn’t go after her underwear and didn’t touch her body.” According to a police source, the perpetrator’s crime occurred as a result of his threadbare existence and psychologically depressed state. He told the cops he’d committed the theft to “cheer himself up” but said he’d discarded the spats while fleeing the scene.

“Then why did you steal them in the first place?” the cops asked. The man shrugged and gave no reply.

Police are still searching for the evidence, a generic brand that cost their owner all of 200 yen.

That’s a hell of a price to pay for a permanent criminal record, Nikkan Gendai remarks. The current heat wave begs the question of what new sex crimes will appear before the arrival of autumn. (K.S.)

Source: “Mosho de hentai otoko kyuzo no kowasa,” Nikkan Gendai (Aug. 7, page 5)