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Kyabajo-looking dentist helps to pare the pain

Friday Nov. 5
Friday Nov. 5

From town council members to fishing experts to political supporters, news reports have celebrated the rise of very attractive females in the public eye, but weekly tabloid Friday (Nov. 5) has found a dentist in Niigata who meets that description, notably because her appearance is that of a club hostess.

Miwako Kimura, 29, has received a lot of attention via social-networking site Twitter, such as being the target of such comments as, “Isn’t she really a hostess?” and “Nicely done with that spiraling hair.” In fact, she is an assistant director of the Kimura Dental Clinic in Joetsu, Niigata Prefecture.

Her profile pic on the clinic’s webiste shows her with layered hair and more emphasis than usual on the mascara around her eyes, a typical feature of a kyabajo, or bar hostess.

“I usually don’t pay attention to applying so much makeup,” she tells the tabloid, “and I don’t dress-up my hair that much either. I pay more attention to keeping this place clean, you know. But elderly people tell me it is cute and kids also seem to like it.”

Since high school, she has gone to tanning salons to achieve a dark look and applied makeup suitable for a gyaru, or gal, which is to say that she takes both fashion points to extremes. But her mother, who heads the clinic, one day asked her to take it over. This forced her to adopt a dental career. After rigorous preparation to enter dental school, she was accepted on her first try at the Niigata Campus of the Japan Dental University, based in Chiyoda Ward.

Miwako Kimura
Miwako Kimura

Standing at 149 centimeters, Kimura is shown in photos to be sporting fishnet stockings and black boots while working and curling her hair in a mirror. She says she draws inspiration from fashion magazine Koakuma Ageha.

Her dental expertise is in oral surgery and anesthesia. She is also working on developing skills with implants, for which she plans to take a qualification exam to become an implant specialist.

As a professional, her concern is regarding when to graduate from this look.

“All of my friends ended this type of fashion upon graduating high school,” she says. “I missed my chance. As I approach 30, I could perhaps continue indefinitely.”

Even when she comes to Tokyo for conferences, she goes to Shibuya 109 to shop and maintain her gal way.

She is still single but since her friends are getting married sometimes she gets a bit worried.

“At the moment, I don’t have such a plan,” she explains of marriage. “My dream is to establish a clinic where one can enter as if it were a beauty salon. Usually when someone mentions dentists, you are likely to envision painful situations. But if we can get rid of the pain, people would feel more comfortable paying visits. I used to practice anesthesia on myself to determine the best ways to perform injections without causing pain. Now I have reached the point where kids don’t complain.”

Even those who don’t like to see dentists, concludes Friday, D.D.S. Miwako might just be the ticket.

Source: “Agejo shikai morisugita joi no shotai ha?” Friday (Nov. 5, pages 90-91)