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Bag containing cash stolen from woman later found dead in fall from building in Oita

Oita police in Oita City
Oita police are investigating whether there is a connection between the theft of cash from a woman and her subsequent death

OITA (TR) – Oita Prefectural Police last week arrested a 26-year-old man for allegedly stealing from a woman who was later found dead at the base of a building in Oita City, reports Nippon News Network (Sept. 14).

Over a 30-minute period on a morning in July, Yuji Shibata, a restaurant employee, allegedly stole cash and a bag valued at a total of 59,000 yen from Kazuha Sannomiya, a 31-year-old company employee, inside the building, located in the Miyakomachi area, police said.

That evening, Sannoymiya’s body was found along a road near the building. There were no personal items found at the scene.

Police believe that Sannomiya fell to her death from the same building during the time period in which she also had her belongings stolen.

Shibata, who was arrested on September 14, denies the theft accusation.

According to police, the suspect knew Sannomiya. Police are now investigating whether there is connection between the theft and her death.