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Tokyo talent agency wins ‘dating ban’ suit over idol

Dokidoki live in Roppongi
Dokidoki live in Roppongi (YouTube)

TOKYO (TR) – The Tokyo District Court on Friday ruled in favor of a talent agency over a former member of an idol group who violated a rule that prohibited boyfriends, reports the Sankei Shimbun (June 26).

The court ordered the parents of the member, a 17-year-old girl, to pay 560,000 yen in compensation to the Tokyo-based agency, which had sought 5.09 million yen.

The six-member group, which played live and sold merchandise, formed in March of 2013. In October, a photo surfaced showing the girl and a male fan together at a hotel. The group split that same month. (Though the name of the group is not mentioned in any news report, Japanese fan sites have identified it to be Dokidoki.)

In handing down the ruling, presiding judge Akitomo Kojima upheld the view of the plaintiff, which was that the contract clearly stated “photographs showing the member with a male parter was strictly prohibited.”

The defendant argued that such a restriction is not essential. Kojima, however, disagreed.

“In order to obtain the support of male fans, the contract clause regarding a dating ban was necessary,” the judge said.

The judge added that the compensatory payment is intended to cover some of the agency’s costs for costumes and lessons following the breakup.