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Nagasaki: Man, 82, left corpse of wife in residence for 6 months

in Sasebo City
A man in Sasebo City left the body of his wife inside their residence for six months after she died
NAGASAKI (TR) – Nagasaki Prefectural Police have arrested an 82-year-old man for leaving a corpse likely belonging to his wife in their home in Sasebo City, reports Nagasaki Bunkyo Hoso (Jan. 20).

On Friday, two relatives of the wife of Kenji Yamaguchi entered the residence and found the decayed body in a bedroom in the residence, located in the Arifukucho area.

The body, which did not exhibit any external wounds, was clothed in pajamas and lying on the floor of a bedroom, police said.

Yamaguchi, who has been accused of abandoning a corpse, admits to the allegations. During questioning, the suspect told police that after his wife died around July of last year he left her body since he did not know what to do.

Yamaguchi shares the residence with his wife. After the body was found by the relatives, police located the suspect at a nearby shopping mall.

Police are working to confirm the identity of the body.