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Nagano: Woman, 47, arrested after corpse of sister found under floor of residence

in Chino City
Nagano police arrested a woman, 47, after the body of her sister was found under the floor of their residence in Chino City on Thursday (Twitter)

NAGANO (TR) – Nagano Prefectural Police on Thursday arrested a 47-year-old woman after the body of her sister was found beneath the floor of the residence they shared in Chino City, reports the Asahi Shimbun (Feb. 23).

At just before 11:00 p.m., police arrested Misuzu Shogawa for allegedly abandoning the body of her sister, 42-year-old Rie, under the floor of the residence, located in the Miyagawa area, sometime earlier this month.

According to police, the suspect consulted with a lawyer in Tochigi Prefecture at some point after committing the act. On Thursday afternoon, the lawyer contacted the Otawara Police Station in Tochigi.

The station then alerted the Chino Police Station in Chino. Officers dispatched to the residence found the body under the floor.

The suspect and her sister lived together at the residence. Police are now seeking to determine the cause of death and the reason behind the abandoning of the body.