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Tokyo: Man handcuffs himself to girlfriend, sets fire to residence

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police last week announced that they plan to file papers on a man who perished after he handcuffed himself to his girlfriend before setting the residence they share in Chofu City on fire. The woman was seriously injured, reports TV Asahi (Oct. 22).

According to police, the man, aged in his 30s, and the woman, aged in her 20s, had been experiencing trouble, which included discussions about ending their relationship.

On October 19, the man used handcuffs he purchased to chain one of his hands to one of hers inside the residence. He then set the residence ablaze buy igniting some oil, police said.

in Chofu City
A man used oil to start a fire inside the residence in Chofu City that he shares with his girlfriend on October 19 (Twitter)

The woman escaped by dragging the man away from the structure as he burned. She suffered serious injuries to the right side of her lower body, police said.

Police are planning to file papers on the man with prosecutors on suspicion of attempted murder and arson.