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Tokyo: ‘Foul smell’ leads to discovery of corpses in residence

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have launched an investigation after the discovery of corpses likely belonging to an elderly woman and her son in a residence in Itabashi Ward on Monday, reports TBS News (July 24).

At just before 4:00 p.m., a representative of the management agency of the building, located in the Itabashi area of the ward, tipped off police, saying that the occupants of unit had been out of touch for an extended period while adding that a “foul smell” was emanating from inside.

in ItabTwo corpses were found in a residence in Itabashi Ward on Monday (Twitter)ashi Ward (Twitter)

Officers entering the residence found skeletal remains atop a bed in the living room and a mummified corpse lying on a futon in a bedroom. Both bodies were found face-up.

The front door was locked, and the interior showed no signs of having been ransacked, police said.

While the bodies are believed to belong to the residents of the unit — a woman, aged in her 80s, and her son, aged in his 50s — police are working to identify them and determine the causes of death.