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Tokyo: Construction employee accused of molesting girl

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 43-year-old employee of a construction-related company over the alleged molestation of a girl last year, reports Sankei Sports (Sept. 3).

On December 17, Shinya Iketani, a resident of the town of Hinode, called out to the girl as she commuted home from nursery school. “There’s a cat over here,” he reportedly said in luring her over to an apartment building. He then allegedly committed acts deemed obscene on the landing of a stairwell.

Iketani, who has been accused of indecent assault, admits to the allegations. “I was unable to suppress my urges,” the suspect was quoted by police. He added that has committed the same crime on some 10 occasions over the past three years.

Shinya Iketani
Shinya Iketani (Twitter)

Iketani surfaced as a person of interest for police after an examination of security camera footage.

Police suspect Iketani was behind six similar incidents — all involving a perpetrator telling a young victim about a cat — in the Tama area of the capital this year. Iketani previously lived in Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, where he is believed to have molested a girl in 2014.