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Tenga adds to line of masturbation products for women

Minamo (left) and Mikazuki
Minamo (left) and Mikazuki

TOKYO (TR) – Japan’s premier manufacturer of masturbation products added to its line of targeting women with the release of a pair of shapely vibrators, the company announced in advertisement in Shukan Post (Aug. 15-22).

On August 8, Tenga issued the Mikazuki and Minamo elongated massagers under the name Iroha Fit.

The yellow Mikazuki has a tapered shape, much like a banana, and operates at four different speeds. The slightly thicker Minamo is light blue has similar specifications but with one difference: the surface on one side contains undulations.

“With its sensually soft, pliable design, Iroha Fit is made to gently fit the contours of the female body,” says the Tenga Web site. “Recommended for those who want to take their sense of touch one step further and delve deeper into sensual bliss.”

Early last year, Tenga issued its first line of products for women called the Iroha. The company followed that release with the slightly svelte Iroha Mini in December.

Priced at 8,980 yen, each Iroha Fit is stored in a black case that also serves as a charging dock. Each charge of the battery provides approximately 90 minutes of usage.