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Shimane: Man stabbed woman ‘to go to prison’

SHIMANE (TR) – Shimane Prefectural Police on Wednesday arrested a man after he stabbed an elderly woman outside a railway station in Matsue City, reports NHK (Sept. 5).

At around 6:00 p.m., the man used a knife to slash the woman, 73, in the arm as she sat in the first-floor lobby of Matsue Terrsa, a building located at JR Matsue Station.

The man then placed the knife in a nearby umbrella stand and man appeared at a nearby police box in surrendering. He was on subsequently arrested on suspicion of causing bodily harm.

The woman suffered injuries that will require one week to heal, police said.

in Matsue City
A woman was stabbed near a railway station in Matsue City on Wednesday (HK)

According to police, the victim did not know the man. Upon his arrest, the man refused to identify himself and provide his age. “Anyone would do, I wanted to go to prison,” he told police.

Police are currently investigating the circumstances that led to the attack.