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School principal spent embezzled funds on prostitutes

KOCHI (TR) – Kochi Prefectural Police have arrested the former principal elementary schools who admits to spending embezzled funds on prostitutes and entertainment, reports the Yomiuri Shimbun (Sept. 29).

Police have specifically accused Keiichi Yoshimura, 60, of corporate embezzlement over the withdrawal of 2.51 million yen from an account of a teacher’s union between November, 2011 and May of the following year.

In March of this year, Yoshimura resigned from his latest post. The Kochi Board of Education subsequently learned of the embezzlement scheme, which included the misappropriation of 48 million yen between 2009 and 2015.

“I used the money on gambling and fuzoku,” Yoshimura told the board in using the word for the commercial sex industry.

According to Nikkan Gendai (Apr. 25), Yoshimura became principal at Kera Elementary School in Kochi City in 2005. Nine years later, he was appointed principal at Tonami Elementary School in Tosa City.