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Racehorse swims in canal after escape from stable

TOKYO (TR) – A racehorse went for a dip in a canal in Shinagawa Ward after bolting its stable at a nearby racecourse, reports TBS News (June 20).

According to the Oi Racecourse, the female Sardana fled while returning to its stable following training at around 8:10 a.m. The 6-year-old then jumped over a seawall and fell into the canal.

In video footage shot by a witness, Sardana is shown paddling slowly in the water. About 20 minutes after it fled, the horse was retrieved by a staff member at the racecourse.

No persons were injured in the incident. However, the horse is receiving medical care for an undisclosed injury.

The incident is the second involving the racecourse over the past month. On May 25, another horse from the track bolted its stable and roamed the nearby area before ramming a van.

“We deeply apologize for causing any concerns to neighboring residents as a result of the repeated escapes,” a representative of the racecourse was quoted.