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Persons hit, killed by JR train in apparent suicide streamed incident

HOKKAIDO (TR) – Two persons hit and killed by a Hokkaido Railway Co. train in Sapporo last week in an apparent suicide are believed to have streamed the incident, investigative sources with the Hokkaido Prefectural Police revealed on Monday, reports Kyodo News (July 30).

At around 11:15 p.m. on July 28, a limited express Kamui train of the JR Hakodate Main Line struck and killed both persons, a male and female, believed to be aged in their teens and 20s, after they jumped onto the tracks at Naebo Station.

The driver of the train saw both persons leap from a platform of the station onto the track bed. No passengers or railway staff were hurt in in the incident, according to the Chuo Police Station.

limited express Kamui
A limited express Kamui train hit and killed two persons at Naebo Station in Sapporo on July 28

In the latest development, two smartphones believed to belong to the persons were found near the platform. After at least one acquaintance of the persons later told police that they “saw a video,” the investigative sources suspect that the incident was streamed via the internet with the smartphones placed in some unspecified way.