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Nice work if you can get it: Osaka hostess failed to report ¥210 million

OSAKA (TR) – Tax officials have filed a criminal complaint against a hostess at a high-end club in Osaka City for concealing more than 200 million yen in income over a three-year period, reports the Yomiuri Shimbun (Dec. 9).

The Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau referred the hostess, 35, to prosecutors on suspicion of violating the Income Tax Law.

She is accused of failing to report 210 million yen income between 2016 and 2018 in evading 51 million yen in taxes.

The hostess is liable for 62 million yen in taxes to be paid and penalties. She has submitted a revised tax declaration and paid the majority of the owed amount, according to the bureau.

The hostess lives in Sakai City’s Kita Ward. She is contracted to the club, located in the Kita Shinchi area of Osaka.

The hostess is believed to have kept the unreported funds as savings.