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Man robs convenience store with scissors from shelf after waiting in long line

TOKYO (TR) – Patience is a virtue, as they say, but there are limits, as one man in Chofu City showed last month.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested the 41-year-old man over the alleged robbery of a convenience store, a crime that apparently transpired after the suspect was forced to wait in line, reports TBS News (Aug. 19).

On July 30, Takashi Kurihara, of no known occupation, wielded a pair of scissors inside the store. He then allegedly said to a 19-year-old male clerk, “Hand over the money.”

Kurihara later fled the scene with 210,000 yen in cash, police said.

Takashi Kurihara (Twitter)

“I was frustrated and desperate,” the suspect told police upon his arrest. “I got angry with the clerk.”

In security camera footage, a person resembling Kurihara is shown waiting in a long line of customers in front of the register before the incident.

According to police, Kurihara obtained the scissors by taking them from a shelf inside the store.