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Hyogo: Man takes fatal plunge into train, injures passengers

HYOGO (TR) – A 42-year-old man leaped in front of a train in Kobe City last week, killing himself and injuring two passengers, authorities said, reports NHK (Feb. 26).

At around 8:25 a.m. on February 26, the man, a company employee, jumped off the platform at Motomachi Station in Chuuo Ward and into the path on a JR Kobe Line express train.

The man was later confirmed dead, police said.

The train was passing through the station. When it struck the man, he broke through the front glass of the first car and passed through the driver’s compartment.

A man died after he jumped in front of a train in Kobe City on February 26 (Twitter)

He then collided with a 45-year-old male passenger, causing him to suffer a broken left arm. A female passenger who was near the compartment was sent to a hospital after she became sick, police said.

About 90 minutes later, the train backed up to Motomachi Station and discharged the passengers. According to West Japan Railway Co., the incident caused delays of two and a half hours to the Kobe and Kyoto lines.