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Kagoshima: Woman’s corpse found at port

KAGOSHIMA (TR) – Kagoshima Prefectural Police last week launched an investigation after the discovery of a woman’s corpse at a port in Kagoshima City, reports Kagoshima Yomiuri Television (June 26).

At just past 7:00 a.m. on June 26, a passenger at the Kamoike Ferry Terminal alerted police after seeing the woman floating face-down in the water.

Emergency personnel arrival arriving at the scene confirmed her dead, police said.

The body of a woman was found at a port in Kagoshima City on June 26 (Twitter)

Believed to be middle-aged, the woman stood about 160 centimeters tall. She was wearing a white and orange striped shirt and gray pants. She was also wearing glasses. Her body showed no signs of external wounds, police said.

In addition to determining the cause of death, police are working to confirm the identity of the woman.