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Image emerges of drunk Japan rugby player pinned beneath vehicle

TOKYO (TR) – Fuji News Network on Wednesday released an image showing professional rugby player Takuma Asahara, a 31-year-old member of the Toshiba Brave Lupus, pinned beneath a vehicle after he was run over, an incident that resulted in him suffering light injuries.

At around 2:20 a.m. on September 23, Asahara, who was drunk at the time, laid down to sleep in front of a vehicle on a road near Keio Fuchu Station. He then became pinned near the left-front wheel after the male driver, aged in his 40s, drove forward and ran him over.

According to the Fuchu Police Station and the team, fellow member Michael Leitch, 29, and other teammates lifted the vehicle, freeing Asahara. The player suffered unspecified light injuries.

on a road in Fuchu City
Takuma Asahara is shown pinned beneath a vehicle on a road in Fuchu City early Sunday (Fuji News Network)

Asahara is also a member of Japan’s national team. Earlier that day, Toshiba Brave Lupus played against the Coca-Cola Red Sparks. Members of the team then went out to eat and drink near where the incident took place.

The team is interviewing Asahara about the matter. “We apologize for any trouble caused by the incident,” the pubic relations department of the team said in a statement. “[Asahara] is now reflecting on his actions.”