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Fight, other violence mar some Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies nationwide

KANAGAWA (TR) – Some of the Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held nationwide on Monday were marred by acts of violence, according to media reports.

Footage shot at Yokohama Arena in Kanagawa Prefecture showed one male in a hakama robe using his fists to pummel another on the floor as hundreds looked on during a speech by the mayor of Yokohama City.

At one point, firecrackers were set off inside the arena.

Before the event, the city attempted to prevent persons from drinking outside and entering the arena. The fight was limited to a single group. No arrests were made, police said.

In Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, police arrested 20-year-old man, of no known occupation, for assaulting an officer. “All I can say is that I was in the wrong,” said the man, who was drunk.

In Okinawa Prefecture, a 20-year-old male painter was arrested for allegedly ramming his modified car into a patrol car.

Coming-of-Age Day takes place on the second Monday of January. Across the nation, ceremonies are held to congratulate those who reached the age of 20 by April 2 the year before and those who will reach that age by the upcoming April 1.