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Actor Tatsuya Kuroki accused of defrauding elderly woman

GUNMA (TR) – For actor Tatsuya Kuroki, his latest performance ended in his arrest.

Gunma Prefectural Police last week arrested Kuroki, 24, for allegedly defrauding an elderly woman in Fujioka City out of 5 million yen in cash, reports Nikkan Sports (June 25).

On June 2, Kuroki posed as a police officer when he arrived at the residence of the woman, who had been falsely told over the telephone that her “bank data being leaked” and needed to exchange her bank cards.

According to police, Kuroki is a member of a so-called “special fraud” ring, whose members target victims over the telephone by making false claims.

Tatsuya Kuroki
Tatsuya Kuroki (Twitter)

After Kuroki allegedly collected four cards from the woman, the 5 million yen was withdrawn from her accounts.

Kuroki, who has been accused of fraud, did not reveal whether he admits to the allegations, only telling police that he wished to speak to a lawyer.

In 2008, Kuroki starred in “The Homeless Middle School Student,” a television drama based on the autobiography of the same name by comedian Hiroshi Tamura.