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Peepers keep goggles ready for golden showers

Nikkan Gendai July 25
Nikkan Gendai July 25
Though golden showers

May cum your way,

They bring okane

And that’s okay

(with apologies to Al Jolson)

In 1993, a new shop named Oshikko Kansho Kurabu (The Pee Appreciation Club) opened for business in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district.

Upon payment of 20,000 yen admission, reports Nikkan Gendai (July 25), male customers were treated to the sight of a female in her late teens or early 20s squatting above a Japanese-style washiki benjo and releasing a torrent of urine.

The girls initially felt considerable embarrassment in being viewed at such an intimate moment, particularly when their bladder discharge was accompanied by a zephyr of sound effects — upon which they invariably blushed hotly.

Many of the customers went for options that included donning swimming goggles while the girls urinated on their face; a few actually went so far as to imbibe the urine.

The 60-minute session culminated in a vigorous bareback blow-job.

So popular was the service that clients flocked to Ikebukuro from all over the country, one regular reportedly making a weekly trip all the way from Okinawa.

Around six months after the shop’s opening, however, the girls’ supply of pee began to dry up.

To battle this urinary drought, the manager plied them with plenty of water and Pocari Sweat; but after an eight-hour shift of constant peeing, they found their urethra output was beginning to diminish. And what’s more, clients who cocked their ears in anticipation of that exotic whoosh signifying a whiz found nary a noise to be heard.

To keep the tills flowing, management then desperately began dispensing diuretics.

“They seem to be straining to produce pee,” a customer, who noticed the declining drip, complained to management. “They’re taking some kind of drug, aren’t they?”

Increasingly pissed off, more workers began quitting, and candidates to replace them proved to be sorely limited.

Despite the steady customer demand to watch women wee-wee, the shop found its reservoir of willing workers running low, and less than two years after opening, the business dried up for good. (K.S.)

Source: “Ogon mizubusoku de tsubureta oshikko kansho kurabu,” Nikkan Gendai (July 25, page 28)

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