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Gal goes wild on shopping sexpedition

Shukan Bunshun Sept. 10
Shukan Bunshun Sept. 10

“Every summer I buy a new bathing suit,” writes the anonymous contributor to the September issue of the women’s erotic magazine Renai Tengoku, in the digest of such stories that’s featured each week in Shukan Bunshun (Sep. 10).

“I found a red one with polka dots and was trying it on in the fitting room, and it looked pretty good,” she continues. “Wanting to show my boyfriend, I swung the door open and gave him a friendly wiggle as he stood there.

“I could tell he was getting turned on. Suddenly he forced his way in and shut the door behind him. He began rubbing my breasts through the bathing suit, and then pulled off the straps and began sucking at my nipples. The next thing I knew he had yanked down the bottom and was fingering me.

“I tried to resist, but it was futile, and at this point I was getting really turned on from the sheer thrill of doing it right in the shop. As he penetrated me I could see his thing in the mirror’s reflection, sliding in and out. At the last second he pulled out and ejaculated all over my thigh.

“After I recovered my composure I went to the sales counter and paid for the suit. The sales clerk showed no sign of suspicion, so I think we got away with it.”

The writer’s handle is given as “Tameshite gattai,” a humorous allusion to the popular Wednesday night information program on NHK TV, “Tameshite gatten,” which means “try it and you won’t object.” Changing gatten to gattai creates a pun meaning “try it [by] joining bodies.” (M.S.)

Source: “Shukujo no zasshi kara,” Shukan Bunshun (Sep. 10, page 101)