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Drunk man, 32, collapses on sleeping nephew, suffocates him to death

MIE (TR) – A 32-year-old man who while intoxicated last month collapsed atop his sleeping nephew and suffocated him to death, police have revealed, reports Fuji News Network (March 25).

At around 11:00 p.m. on February 6, Tatsuya Hamada, an industrial painter, allegedly collapsed atop his nephew, 9-year-old Rukiya, as he slept on the first floor of their residence in Suzuka City.

The boy was later confirmed dead at a hospital. The cause of death was brain damage due to lack of oxygen stemming from pressure applied to his chest, the Suzuka Police Station said.

Upon his arrest on suspicion of gross negligence resulting in death on Thursday, Hamada admitted to the allegations. “I covered [my nephew with my body], but since I was drunk I do not recall details [of the matter],” the suspect told police.

A 32-year-old drunk man collapsed atop his nephew at their residence in Suzuka City last monthand suffocated him to death (Twitter)

80 kilograms

According to police, Hamada and the boy, a third-year elementary school student, are among 11 people living in the residence.

Hamada, who weighs 80 kilograms, sleeps on the second floor. However, on the night of the incident he went into the boy’s room on the first floor.

About one hour later, his mother found Hamada atop him and alerted emergency services. However, the boy was later confirmed dead at a hospital.