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Traffic accident in Nakano results in ¥10 million marijuana bust

Toshinori Kojima
Tokyo police arrested Toshinori Kojima after 2 kilograms of marijuana was found inside his vehicle following an accident in Nakano Ward (TBS News)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police seized about 2 kilograms of marijuana from a vehicle involved in a traffic accident in Nakano Ward earlier this month, reports Nippon News Network (Aug. 23).

On August 13, Toshinori Kojima, a temporary worker living in Chiba Prefecture, crashed his vehicle into a truck after being chased by a police officer on a motorcycle. Following the collision, Kojima was apprehended for a traffic violation due to injuries sustained by the driver of the truck.

Police subsequently found about 2 kilograms of dried marijuana, valued at around 10 million yen, on the passenger seat of Kojima’s vehicle.

Kojima was later accused of violating the Cannabis Control Law. He denies the allegations, telling police, “I don’t know anything about marijuana.”

According to police, Kojima was operating the vehicle without a license. Prior to the incident, the officer on the motorcycle ordered him to stop but he fled and a chase ensued.