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Tokyo cops: Man stole ¥100 million from schools, hospitals for hostess clubs

Hiroyasu Sawaya
Hiroyasu Sawaya

TOKYO (TR) – Sources with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police have revealed that a 44-year-old man has stole from schools and hospitals across the country to fund spending sprees on high-end goods and visits to clubs, reports TV Asahi (Oct. 5).

According to investigative sources, Hiroyasu Sawaya is believed to have accumulated a total of 100 million yen through thefts, including four million yen in cash from a school in May.

Sawaya took trips that lasted a few days to target offices of hospitals and schools nationwide, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, with his largest haul totaling 30 million yen. Investigative sources said that the suspect lived in an exclusive residence in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward and bought foreign-made wristwatches.

Sawaya boasted his wealth on Facebook, posting about stays at expensive hotel rooms and visits to establishments known as kyabakura (meaning a hostess club).

“In showing off, he once ran up a tab of 10 million yen,” a club employee is quoted. “He had an attache case with maybe 20 million yen in cash inside. He paid the 10-million-yen total from that.”

Sawaya was prosecuted on charges of theft on Tuesday.