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Popular rapper Zeebra reveals stripes in resort affair

TOKYO (TR) – To be filed under: like grandfather, like grandson.

On August 15, a reporter for weekly tabloid Flash spotted Hideyuki Yokoi, a rapper who performs under the name Zeebra, with an attractive woman at a beach resort in Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture.

However, the woman was not his wife. According to the magazine, the pair were in the middle of a two-night tryst at the hotel, a development that follows a pattern within his family.

The rapper, 49, married model Miwa Nakabayashi in 2002, when he already had two sons from a previous marriage. She then gave birth to two girls, one of whom (Rima) is a member of idol group NiziU.

Flash September 8

Empire State Building

In addition being a former member of hip-hop group King Giddra, the rapper is known for his interesting family. “[His] family has enormous wealth,” a person in the music industry says.

Nakabayashi is the daughter of well-known architect Takenosuke Sakakura. For his part, Zeebra is the grandson of real estate baron Hideki Yokoi. In 1945, Yokoi’s mistress gave birth to Kiiko Nakahara.

Yokoi once presided over the Hotel New Japan. In 1982, the hotel caught fire, resulting in the deaths of 32 persons.

Years later, Nakahara aligned herself with Donald Trump in an attempt to break a management lease on the Empire State Building, then owned by Yokoi, who was serving a prison term as a result of the hotel fire.

“Just friends”

According to Flash, Zeebra and his lady friend checked out of the hotel on July 16. The then took the Shonan Shinjuku Line back to Tokyo. Upon the train’s arrival at JR Ebisu Station, they kissed on the platform before disappearing on separate streets around the station.

When the reporter for Flash contacted Zeebra’s agency about his behavior, they were told that the woman in question “was just a friend.”