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Amid adultery speculation, broadcaster says female announcer’s absence due to ‘rest’

AICHI (TR) – Broadcaster CBC says that the recent absence of a female announcer was for “rest” purposes despite speculation about her having engaged in an affair, reports Sports Hochi (June 30).

On Sunday, Yuna Tanaka did not appear on the program “Sunday Dragons.” As well, her photograph was removed from the web site of CBC.

“[Tanaka] has been taking a rest for various reasons,” a representative of the broadcaster was quoted.

Yuna Tanaka
Yuna Tanaka

Last month, a Twitter account emerged that claimed that Tanaka started an affair with the husband of a fellow announcer in March of last year.

The husband is a director at CBC. The second announcer revealed earlier this year that she is pregnant.

The Twitter account also claimed that Tanaka maintained a boyfriend while she engaged in the affair with the second announcer’s husband.

The broadcaster did not speculate upon when Tanaka may return to the air. “From next week onward, appearances have not been decided because the [programming] content is being confirmed,” the representative added.