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Yamato murder: Victim sustained more than 20 stab wounds

KANAGAWA (TR) – Following the arrest of a 21-year-old woman over the fatal stabbing of her boyfriend earlier this month, Kanagawa Prefectural Police have revealed that the victim sustained dozens of wounds, reports TV Asahi (Aug. 30).

At around 5:00 a.m. on August 5, Maya Takahashi allegedly used a knife to repeatedly stab Ryogo Kumagai, 22, in more than 20 locations on his body, including the back, chest and arms, at their residence in Yamato City.

Kumagai was transported in an unconscious state to a hospital where he was later confirmed dead. Meanwhile, Takahashi was found with wounds to the abdomen.

Takahashi, who has been accused of murder, admits to the allegations. “Anger surged inside me and I stabbed him many times with a knife,” the suspect was quoted by the Yamato Police Station.

Maya Takahashi (Twitter)

Takahashi and Kumagai shared the residence. After getting to know one another online, they moved in together in June.

After carrying out the crime, Takahashi telephoned police. “My boyfriend stabbed me, then he stabbed himself,” she reportedly said.

However, inconsistencies emerged during further questioning. Police arrested her after she received treatment at the hospital.

Police are now investigating what trouble existed in the relationship of the couple.