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Yakuza accused of extorting sex business in Otsuka

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a member of a criminal syndicate over the alleged extortion of a sex business in Toshima Ward, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Oct. 28).

On September 30, Ken Hashimoto, a 50-year-old upper-level member of the Sumiyoshi-kai, allegedly extorted 50,000 yen from a 43-year-old male employee of the fuzoku business, located near JR Otsuka Station.

“I was prepared to be arrested,” Hashimoto was quoted by police in admitting to the allegations.

An ordinance that went into effect on October 1 makes bars, restaurants and other shops in the capital liable for penalties over payment of protection money to members of criminal syndicates.

Ken Hashimoto of the Sumiyoshi-kai (Twitter)

In promoting the ordinance, police have been distributing information sheets that provide instructions to shopkeepers about severing payments.

According to police, the Otsuka parlor began making payments of mikajimeryo — or “protection money” — about three years ago.

One month before the payment in question was made, the suspect approached the employee on a footpath near the parlor. “Is there some kind of problem?” the suspect reportedly said. “Bring it next time as long as you don’t tell the police.”