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Women claim ‘yakuza ties’ in alleged extortion of man at Nagoya hotel

AICHI (TR) – “You don’t trust us?”

For a 29-year-old male resident of Obu City, he probably wishes he had gone with his first instinct.

Aichi Prefectural Police have arrested two women over the alleged extortion of the man whom they met on a dating site, reports Nagoya Broadcasting Network (May 6).

On May 5, Yukari Sakai, 34, and Nobuko Satake, 26, allegedly threatened the victim inside a hotel in Nagoya’s Chikusa Ward.

“We have ties to the yakuza,” one of them reportedly said. Under orders of the women, the man then visited a store and purchased a handbag valued at around 40,000 yen for them.

Sakai admits to the allegations. However, Satake denies the charges, police said.

The suspects met the victim on a deai-kei dating site. After arriving at the hotel, the victim took his valuables with him when he entered the toilet. One of the suspects then uttered the question above about whether there is “trust” between them.

It was then that the alleged extortion plot unfolded. Thereafter, the women further demanded cash from him.

Sensing trouble, the man sought help from his father. After the father escorted the suspects to a police box, officers launched an investigation.