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Woman to man inside Saikyo Line train: ‘You’re filming, aren’t you?’

TOKYO (TR) – “You’re filming, aren’t you?”

The above phrase, uttered by a female passenger inside a train carriage, caused a 45-year-old man to flee a railway station in Shinjuku Ward on Tuesday, an escapade that ended in his arrest, reports TV Asahi (Oct. 10).

At around 9:50 a.m., the woman, 29, riding inside a Saikyo Line carriage observed the man training the lens of a smartphone, which he had concealed, on her buttocks. The woman then made the above query.

Upon the train’s arrival at JR Shinjuku Station, the woman began to escort him to an office. However, he fled the scene by leaping onto the railway below the platform.

Yoshimasa Nozaki
Yoshimasa Nozaki (Twitter)

About 20 minutes later, police apprehended Yoshimasa Nozaki, who met the description provided by the woman, near the station. During questioning, he admitted to taking tosatsu, or voyeur, footage.

“Since I was caught molesting before, I feared being caught for tosatsu,” Nozaki said upon his arrest. “I was scared, so I took off.” An examination of a smartphone in the possession of the suspect revealed about 10 video clips dating back to July that show the underwear of women, reports TBS News (Oct. 10).

According to East Japan Railway, the incident caused lines to be delayed for 14 minutes.