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Woman found with ¥70 million in suitcase arrested for fraud

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a woman in Toshima Ward after she was found to be
in possession of 70 million yen in cash, reports TBS News (Apr. 23).

Police have accused Masumi Mitani, believed to be in her 40s, of serving as a person charged with carrying out pick-ups for a fraud ring.

She was specifically accused of collecting funds from an elderly woman living in Nerima Ward. The woman had previously received a telephone call from a member of the ring who pretended to be her son.

On Tuesday, officers began questioning Mitani near JR Sugamo Station. One officer said, “Can you cooperate with the investigation?” She responded, ”I cannot say that I will or will not.”

Masumi Mitani (Twitter)

At issue was a suitcase Mitani was carrying. For six hours, 15 officers asked that she open it.

“I’m not allowed to go home at all,” she said in finally relenting. “I’m so tired, I ’m so tired mentally.”

After the suitcase was opened, police found 70 million yen in cash packed in bags. “I only received this [suitcase] through a work-related referral,” Mitani was quoted.

Police later confirmed that some of the bills came from the woman in Nerima.

The location where Mitani was found is about 10 kilometers from the victim’s residence in Nerima. The suspect was apprehended after police received a tip about the crime.