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Woman apprehends Nigerian national after alleged molestation on train

KANAGAWA (TR) – Kanagawa Prefectural Police have arrested a male Nigerian national over the alleged molestation of woman on a train in Yokohama earlier this week, reports Fuji News Network (Aug. 30).

On Wednesday morning, Ubaka Damian, 53, allegedly fondled the chest of the woman, a government employee in her 20s, inside a carriage of the Keikyu Main Line as it traveled between Tomioka and Sugita stations.

According to police, the suspect rose from his seat on the train as it arrived at Sugita Station. The woman then called for the suspect to stop, grabbig him by the collar on the platform.

Ubaka Damian
Ubaka Damian (Twitter)

After he was handed over to police, he was accused of violating a public nuisance ordinance. “I didn’t do it,” the suspect was quoted by police in denying the allegations.