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Vietnamese national accused of dumping corpse of roommate

TOYAMA (TR) – Toyama Prefectural Police have arrested a 20-year-old male Vietnamese national in connection with the death of his roommate in Toyama City, reports Tulip Television (May 14).

On May 11, police arrested Ngo Cong Minh, a technical intern, of abandoning the corpse of Nguyen Van Duc, 21, also a Vietnamese national, in a gutter outside the residence they shared in April.

The suspect generally admits to the allegations, the Toyama Chuo Police Station said.

On May 5, the corpse of Nguyen, also a technical intern, was found in a gutter outside his residence by an acquaintance.

The following day, police said that the results of an autopsy revealed that Nguyen died due to a loss of blood from stab wounds to the abdomen and neck. He had died about one before the discovery.

Ngo Cong Minh (Twitter)

According to police, Nguyen and Ngo began both arrived in Japan last July. They started living together in November.

The whereabouts of Nguyen became unknown after he went to work on the morning of April 2. Five days later, persons connected to him lodged a missing persons report with police.

The acquaintance who found Nguyen’s body in the residence did so after noticing a foul smell during the visit.

Investigators examining the residence later found a large blood stain that seemed to be from Ngyuen on a wall near a futon. As well, there were signs that blood had been wiped up.

On May 14, police checked a nearby drainage ditch and river in search of discarded personal items and the murder weapon.

Police are continuing the investigation on suspicion of murder.