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Video shows school boy shooting other student with air gun

TOKYO (TR) – Education officials said last week that it is examining whether one elementary school boy shooting another with an air gun, footage of which appeared on the internet, was the result of bullying, reports Nikkan Sports (May 17).

In the footage, filmed on May 15, the first boy fires an unspecified projectile at the second while he is on the ground covering his head at a park in Adachi Ward.

While the incident takes place, a voice off camera can be heard saying: “Shoot, shoot!”

Two days later the Adachi Board of Education confirmed that the boy (11) with the air gun is a sixth-year student at an elementary school in the ward. Meanwhile, the other boy (9) is a fourth-year student at another school.

“It is a possible case of bullying,” a representative of the board was quoted.

The second boy was not hurt in the incident. He did not report the matter to his parents or the school, according to the board.

After confirming the particulars of the video, the board reported the boy with the gun to police, who then alerted a child consultation center.