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Video shows man flinging cream puff at Bentley in Kyoto

A video shows a man throwing a cream puff at a Bentley in Kyoto City on April 18 (Twitter)

KYOTO (TR) – A cream puff met a Bentley in Kyoto City last week — and Fuji News Network dedicated nearly 4 minutes to the aftermath.

In security camera footage, a man is shown throwing the pastry onto the back window of the white luxury vehicle, valued at around 15 million yen, while it was parked in front of a company at around 10:30 p.m. on April 18.

“I was a little angry at the fact that the cream puff was thrown [at my car],” said the vehicle’s owner, a man in his 30s.

But that’s not all — the rear window of the car was damaged (though it was not apparent in footage shot by the network). A complaint has been lodged with police.

“I think there was something like a stone inside the cream puff,” the owner said.

Bought at convenience store

The man, who was with an acquaintance, bought the cream puff at a convenience store about 100 meters from the company.

In footage taken from a second security camera, the man is shown in the street with the puff in his right hand. After staggering along in the center of the street, he fires the pastry at the vehicle, sending its contents splattering over the rear window.

“It smelled so sweet,” the owner said of the debris on the vehicle. He found a cream puff bag in the garbage for a vending machine in front of the company. “That’s when I understood [what happened]. I was surprised when I saw [the guy] throw the cream puff [in the footage].”