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Tokyo police: Tomita stalker to be charged with attempted murder

Tomohiro Iwazaki
Tomohiro Iwazaki

TOKYO (TR) – The man who admitted stabbing pop star idol Mayu Tomita some 30 times on Saturday will likely be charged with attempted murder, police said.

Police informed the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office of plans to charge Tomohiro Iwazaki, 27, who lives in Kyoto, with suspicion of attempted murder and violating the Swords and Firearms Control Law, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported on Monday (May 23).

According to the Yomiuri, Iwazaki took a Shinkansen train from Kyoto to Tokyo and then waited for Tomita at a station for hours near a concert venue where she was set to hold an event. The suspect was spotted on security camera footage stalking the star on foot at around 5 p.m.

The Yomiuri quoted Iwazaki as saying he “had a knife ready with the intent to kill her.”

Tomita was hospitalized in critical condition with stab wounds in multiple sites including her chest, back, neck and both arms.

“A proper person”

The Asahi Shimbun on Monday quoted one of Iwazaki’s neighbors, 71, as saying the suspect “brought over snacks and greeted me when he moved in a few years ago. I felt like he was a proper person even though he was young.”

According to the Asahi, Iwazaki started tweeting about Tomita on January 18 with, “Do you know what it means to be gifted a wristwatch? Please treasure it and use it.”

Tomita told police before the stabbing that Iwazaki was “persistently leaving comments on her blog” and was said to have called officers multiple times to voice her concerns, the Asahi reported.

The Asahi said Iwazaki’s subsequent tweets include: “I want to be able to drink with Mayu, so I’m going to train to be able to hold my liquor” and “If Mayu is going to make an appearance, then I’ll definitely come.”

“That’s my ‘heart’”

Media reports said Iwazaki mailed her a wristwatch for women, but was “furious [Tomita] sent back something I had given to her as a present.”

The Asahi said Iwazaki tweeted on February 1: “Guess it’s silly trying to get your attention using ‘objects.’ If you’re going to throw away or sell the ‘wristwatch’ then give it back. That’s my ‘heart.’”

Iwazaki continued to tweet: “If you were given a watch, then at the very least it means I want an honest relationship with you. It means, ‘So, I want you to make the relationship between you and I long-lasting and treat it with care.”

Iwazaki’s Twitter suspended?

Netizens claimed Iwazaki’s Twitter account was @gj2mda2jtw2, which as of Monday night was suspended. Blogs and Twitter users posted screenshots of tweets supposedly made by the account, which seemed to be centered on Tomita, whose account is @tomitamayu.

In a screenshot, the Twitter account is seen on April 27 tweeting: “@tomitamayu I’m sorry. You’ll die soon, so relax. I’m sorry.”

Another screenshot of the @gj2mda2jtw2 account’s tweets, all dated April 28, reads: “@tomitamayu @take_senpai A package arrived from the Shibuya Aoyama-dori Post Office. Unknown sender. A wristwatch and 3 books were inside. You didn’t have to bother sending it, I would’ve gone to get it? Truly, an awful girl. And what about the Mika Nakagawa word collection? If you’re going to return everything, don’t forget that too.”

The tweets continue: “@tomitamayu At least write your name. I thought it was a scam. Are you gonna return the flowers and snacks too? I wonder if they’ll be sent eventually. I’m looking forward to it. If you wanna return the money and time, too, then you’re truly spiteful. Too wonderful, so happy,” and “By the way, are you aiming for a lawsuit by letting me write like this? You haven’t blocked me and you’re leaving me alone, so maybe you’re waiting for me to type a mistake. My gosh, how scary~ Tomita Mayu so scary~”

In another screenshot, a string of tweets made by the account on April 28 is seen: “@tomitamayu Hurry up, give the ‘trash’ back. But you don’t think unknown sender is rude? You probably don’t. That’s ‘Tomita Mayu,'” “@tomitamayu Don’t forget to return the Mika Nakagawa word collection,” “@tomitamayu I see you went to get your hair cut at Shibuya. Isn’t it normal to do that before a live? Weirdo” and “@tomitamayu Thanks for the worst mistreatment ever. Today is a great day.”

Netizens also pointed out “disturbing” entries on Iwazaki’s alleged blog, titled “Laughing at the world amid all the misery.”