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Tokyo: Man surrenders over ’02 murder

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Monday arrested a 43-year-old man after he surrendered over a murder that took place in Adachi Ward in 2002, reports TBS News (Jan. 21).

On December 8, Naoki Kawase arrived at Asakusa Police Station and claimed that was involved in the killing of Kentaro Narushima, a 23-year-old company employee, at the residence of the victim in the Shimane area.

Kawase was not acquainted with Narushima. On December 21, 2002, the suspect contacted the victim by randomly ringing his unit via the intercom.

After Narushima answered the door, the suspect fatally slashed him in the head and other parts of his body with a knife. He also stole the victim’s wallet.

The body of Narushima was found with his hands and feet bound with electrical cable the day after the murder, police said.

Naoki Kawase
Naoki Kawase (Twitter)

Prior to the incident, Kawase was living in a nearby park. During voluntary questioning, the suspect said that he committed the crime for money after suffering from the cold and hunger.

Kawase told police that the knife used in the crime was later discarded. After the confession, police determined that fingerprints found on paper used to wrap the knife that was left at the crime scene proved to be a match for Kawase.

“I have a feeling of happiness,” the father of Narushima was quoted. “But this won’t bring back my son.”