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Tokyo: Man, 24, accused of assaulting and robbing woman met online

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 24-year-old man over the alleged assault and robbery of a woman he met online, reports NHK (March 23).

In 2018, Daiki Yamada allegedly choked the woman, then 21, around the neck and pulled her hair inside her residence in Katsushika Ward. “Hand over your credit card or I’ll kill you,” he then reportedly threatened.

Yamada then used her credit card to spend 400,000 yen on various items, including two dogs. He also lived
in the residence for one month.

Daiki Yamada (Twitter)

Upon his arrest, Yamada partially denied the allegations. “I didn’t use violence to take the card. I only borrowed it,” he told police.

Yamada met the woman a matchmaking site. He also told police that he used cards belonging to “more than 100 women to run up bills totaling around 100 million yen.”

Yamada has been prosecuted over four other cases, police said.