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Tokyo: Indian, Chinese nationals wanted in ’99 and ’00 murders

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police last week announced on its web site that it is seeking the whereabouts of two foreign nationals who are suspected in two murder cases from nearly two decades ago.

On around November 29, 1999, Diwakar Sethia, a 42-year-old male Indian national, allegedly used a knife to repeatedly stab jewelry dealer, then 42, inside a building in the Torigoe area of Taito Ward.

Diwakar Sethia
Diwakar Sethia at the age of 21 in 1997 (left) and an artist’s sketch of what he could look like today (Twitter)

After setting fire to the building, the suspect used a credit card belonging to the victim, who is also an Indian national, to withdraw about 12 million yen in cash. He is then believed to have fled Japan for India.

On the site, a police posted a photograph of Sethia from 1997, when he was 21, and an artist’s sketch of what he could look like today.

Li Fuchun
An artist’s sketch showing what Li Fuchun could look like today (Tokyo Metropolitan Police)

In the other case, police are seeking the whereabouts of a female Chinese national Li Fuchun, 44, who is alleged to have fatally stabbed a pregnant woman in the head and neck inside an apartment in Ota Ward on February 19, 2000.

On the next day after the murder, Li fled to China. However, police said it is possible that she returned to Japan.

The web site includes information on the cases in Japanese, English and Chinese.

Tokyo police said that they are sending a message that suspects cannot hide overseas. Persons with information on either case are advised to call the Tokyo Metropolitan Police at 03-3581-4321.