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Tokyo: Grandson of karate legend accused of using cocaine

TOKYO (TR) – The grandson of a martial arts legend in custody over the marijuana-related charges has also been accused of using cocaine, police said on Monday, reports TBS News (Mar. 18).

Early on February 26, an officer arrested Akira Oyama, 21, and two other passengers of a vehicle stopped on a road in Shinjuku Ward after the discovery of a fragment of marijuana.

Subsequent analyses of the urine of all three suspects gave a positive result for marijuana, police said previously.

In the latest development, police have now revealed that all three suspects also tested positive for cocaine. Police believe the suspects used the drug somewhere in the metropolis just prior to their apprehension.

Oyama has denied both the possession of marijuana and use of cocaine. “I don’t know,” he was quoted in commenting on the latest charge.

Akira Oyama
Akira Oyama (Twitter)

Prior to the discovery, a patrol car passed the vehicle. Noticing something suspicious about the behavior of Oyama, who was in the passenger seat, the officer began questioning the passengers. It was at this time that the marijuana was found in a can.

In January, a court handed Oyama a suspended prison term over a violation of the Stimulants Control Law.

Oyama is the grandson of Masutatsu Oyama, who founded the stand-up style of karate known as Kyokushin in 1964.