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Tokyo fireman suspended over possession of child pornography

TOKYO (TR) – A male fireman has been disciplined over his possession of child pornography, an allegation that emerged during a police investigation last year, reports TBS News (Aug. 1).

According to the Tokyo Fire Department, the assistant sergeant, 24, at the Setagaya Fire Station used the internet to purchase DVDs containing child pornography in 2016.

As punishment, he was suspended from duty for two months. However, he voluntarily retired from his post on Wednesday, the department said.

“I have an interest in sex acts with children,” the assistant sergeant reportedly said upon his resignation.

Setagaya Fire Station
An assistant sergeant at the Setagaya Fire Station has been accused of possessing child pornography (Twitter)

In May of last year, law enforcement busted an online seller of child pornography. During the investigation, the name of the assistant sergeant was found on a customer list. In June, Kanagawa Prefectural Police interviewed the assistant sergeant regarding the DVDs.

“We will strive to prevent a recurrence,” a representative of the Tokyo Fire Department was quoted.