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Ex-employee at film distributor suspected of using embezzled funds on gambling

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a former employee at a film distributor in Chiyoda Ward over the alleged embezzlement of more than 15 million yen, reports TV Asahi (Feb. 9).

Over a five-month period starting in December 2018, Junko Nagasawa, then the head of accounting, allegedly transferred a total of 16 million yen from a company account to one in her name.

Upon her arrest, Nagasawa, 46, denied the allegations. “Since the [funds] were reimbursements of expenses, it was not embezzlement,” the suspect told police.

Junko Nagasawa (Twitter)

Nagasawa was a subcontracted employee to the company. The transfers took place while her supervisor was on a business trip she was in a position to keep the company bankbook and cash card.

During an internal audit conducted last year, the misappropriations were uncovered. Nagasawa initially told the company that the allegations were true before changing her stance for the police.

Police believe that Nagasawa used the embezzled funds to place wagers on horse racing.