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Tokyo cops nab additional suspect over Kabukicho casino that funded yakuza

in Kabukicho
Police raided baccarat parlor Flower in Kabukicho last month (Twitter)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested an additional suspect in the bust last month of illegal casinos operating in Shinjuku Ward that funded a yakuza syndicate, reports Nippon News Network (July 9).

On June 21, police raided baccarat parlor Flower and pachinko slot parlor Cranky, both located on the second floor of a multi-tenant building in the Kabukicho red-light district, and arrested 13 male employees and 15 customers on gambling charges.

In the latest development, police have revealed that Koichi Okamiya, 44, managed employees and supplied the baccarat tables at Flower. Okamiya, who has also been arrested on gambling charges, admits to the allegations.

According to police, the parlors utilized an iron door to control the coming and going of customers in an effort to prevent a bust. As well, a guard stood outside the building.

In May, Cranky accumulated 15 million yen in sales while Flower earned 5 million yen, police said.

A portion of the revenue from the parlors are believed to have funded the Sumiyoshi-kai criminal syndicate, police said.