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Tokyo: Alleged car thief suspected in multi-week crime spree

TOKYO (TR) – For most persons residing in the capital, public transportation is an easy way to get around. But for one 25-year-old man, he chose a totally route, so to speak.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have accused Hideyuki Nakamura of stealing a car last month, just one incident in a crime spree that extended for weeks, reports TV Asahi (July 4).

At around 7:30 a.m. on June 3, allegedly stole a vehicle belonging to a 25-year-old from a convenience store parking lot in the Nishi Takenotsuka area of Adachi Ward.

According to police, the woman left the vehicle unlocked while she visited the store for a several-minute period.

During questioning, Nakamura said that he was actually targeting her purse, which was inside the vehicle and contained a bank book. “I stole the car to cover traveling expenses,” the suspect was quoted by police.

Hiideyuki Nakamura
Hiideyuki Nakamura (Twitter)

About four and a half hours after the alleged theft, Nakamura abandoned the vehicle in Chiyoda Ward. He then fled the scene by stealing another vehicle.

On June 11, police in Ibaraki Prefecture arrested Nakamura for allegedly stealing yet another vehicle. As well, police believe the suspect stole a fourth vehicle in Adachi in May.