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Tokyo: 4 suspected of abducting man, confining him in residence

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested four persons over the alleged abduction and confinement of a man earlier this year, reports TBS News (Nov. 19).

In April, Koichi Nakamura, 41, Yumiko Kobayashi, 39, Tatsuya Osaki, 38, and the fourth suspect allegedly worked together to abduct the man, 35, on a street in Shibuya Ward.

They then drove to a residence in Edogawa Ward and held him for an unspecified period. “We’ll go after your parents,” one of the suspects said. “So pay up 4 million yen.”

The victim them withdrew 690,000 yen in cash from an ATM machine to give to the suspects, the Shibuya Police Station said.

The fourth suspect, left, and Yumiko Kobayashi (Twitter)

All four suspects deny the allegations. “I was just trying to get my money back,” Nakamura was quoted by police.

According to police, Nakamura was acquainted with the victim. The pair had previously gotten into a dispute over an investment.

“Pay up 3 million yen or die,” Nakamura reportedly threatened. The suspect then got the victim to sign a promissory note. When the victim later dropped out of contact, Kobayashi lured him out.