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Tokyo: 20 cops wear protective gear during search of Kabukicho host club

Manato Tsuji (Twitter)

TOKYO (TR) – With host clubs being the source of numerous novel coronavirus infections, Tokyo Metropolitan Police last week took precautions during an investigation into one such club last week, reports NHK (Aug. 14).

On the night of August 13, about 20 officers wearing protective suits, gloves and goggles searched club Top Dandy V, located in the Kabukicho red-light district of Shinjuku Ward.

One host at the club, 22-year-old Manato Tsuji, allegedly threatened a female customer, 18, over a debt of 720,000 yen incurred at the club.

On July 20, he is alleged to have assaulted her at his residence. While holding a cigarette lighter up to her, he said, “I’ll set your hair on fire.”

About 20 police officers entered Top Dandy V on August 13 (NHK)

Upon his arrest on suspicion of making a threat, Tsuji denied the allegations. Police are also investigating whether he took 37,000 yen in cash from the girl.

At some point after the girl ran up the bill, which included a bottle of water priced at 250,000 yen, the suspect forced her to sign a promissory note.

Top Dandy V is within a chain of host clubs. The club employs about 40 hosts.

Host and hostess clubs in Shinjuku, Toshima and Adachi wards have been the source of dozens of coronavirus infections. Last month, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike asked that workers at such clubs take coronavirus tests.